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I bought this ebook which explain how to generate free traffic that works. Yes i know its work! cause i had tried them. Here some of the information that you will discover from this ebook

How to get that initial flow of visitors to make your website a place that they regularly visit?

The ultimate "white hat" SEO technique to drive targeted traffic to your website and get lots of back links.

One major mistake 98% of all webmasters make... and how to avoid it. (If you ignore this, not only will your customers leave you but also Google will punish you.)

4 places your visitors might leak out from and never return to your site.

The simple best way to drive TARGETED & FREE traffic to YOUR WEBSITE.

Learn why two-way links is NOT always the best solution to get better results at search engines.

The ultimate "thing" that your visitors want... and how to get more and more visitors by giving them what they want.

Which traffic generation techniques are right for YOU? (You’ll learn a bullet-proof method to discover them.)

How to give your visitors a chance to promote your website? (This is the #1 strategy that all gurus use in one way or the other.)

How to attract freebie seekers to your website right before you convert them to customers?

One of the best ways to create viral traffic to your website. (HINT: Once you learn it, you’ll never want to give away this secret to anyone.)

How to turn your “shy” website to a “social” website!

Discover how a simple, home-made video will drive tons of visitors to your website. (It’s easy. You only need to know how to use it effectively.)

How to take an offline strategy which works effectively and copy it to the online world to promote your website for free.

Discover a website that Google fell in love in 2007 and learn how you can TAKE ADVANTAGE of it almost INSTANTLY.

Two places that you can find a lot of people who are interested in your products and services. (And number one rule that you must keep in mind while promoting your website in these places.)

Learn how world’s top online stores can help you to be an authority figure in your niche and drive TARGETED traffic to your website for FREE.

Discover the two secret places where people are eagerly waiting to visit your website. (They obviously ASK you to guide them to your website.)

Once you find happy visitors, how to keep them coming back to your website. (You’ll learn more than one technique to achieve this result.)

Proven technique to get your site listed in search engines before you know it. (If you’ve a website, you MUST know this. Indeed, you already know this. The only problem is, you probably don’t know how to use this technique effectively.)

Three letters (actually two, one of them is used twice) that can change the way you promote your website. (HINT: Stop wasting time sending people emails who don’t want to get them and focus on people who are interested in your content, products and services.)

A simple strategy that can DOUBLE and even TRIPLE your web traffic right after you start to use it. (HINT: Guess how many people don’t speak English or prefer to visit a website in their own language?)

If you intrested to get them FREE :) put your comment here, i will respon with the download link

Here's a nice trick i found 100% work to find free quality movie at google.

ust add this in the old browser and start looking For all kinds of movies

this is the code: genre:MOVIE_FEATURE

Have fun


The Best Photoshop action for 2007

Today i will giving you the best of the best collection of photoshop action for 2007. Look at the screenshot below:

Nice hah? You can download em here : Free Photoshop Action


Download video from youtube, google video, myspace video, and much more source at only one website. The best thing is no software require for you to download the video. Imagine getting all the video without opening all the source site.

Get yourself for some video here : Download video

Are you annoyed with your mail box getting filled with spam daily?
Sick of signing up for new email addresses?
Go on to a website that you know as soon as you signup you will get spammed?

Go here to find more details KingSpam

Your Free Throwaway Email Service! You can choose an email like , or to confirm your registeration in a website and then come there and login using john or mike and you will find the activation email and activate your account without worrying about your privacy. Yes it works!.

Enjoy the link ..

Google Thumbnail

See the thumbnail above. How can you easily do it? You can make a print screen of the website and edit it to thumbnail size using a photo editor and upload it to blogger OR you can just use a simple, single line of code to do it?. Which one you prefer?. Of course the second one right? :)

Here’s the code for displaying thumbnails of any site inside your website:

<img src=”” alt=”Google Thumbnail” />

Change the url and alt to your own.

Here's what you do:

1. Use a leaderboard (728x90). This is one of the best performing ad blocks in a content site. To blend the leaderboard, match the colors of all your regular links to the ad block colors. Place the ad block below your banner but above your content for maximum exposure and blending (usually at the header). Here's an example:


2. Ad block wrapped in post (text). The best one to use is the square block. You can use the 250x250 or 300x250. Make sure to match your ad block color to your other link colors. Here's an example:

To wrapped the ads in your post (text),folloe below link:

If you are using Wordpress
If you are using Blogger
If you are using HTML (website)

3. At the end of each article or post, you can include a banner ad (468x60). This block will make you less money than the first two, but if you write unique and good content, people will read through all of it and might then click on your ads at the bottom. You're allowed 3 blocks, so why not use them all.

Ever think of using blogger to promote your product? or use it as a minisite? I mean you use blogger to host your minisite to promote your product/ebook/affiliate.

A Minisite is a small/minimum site with one or only a few pages. It maybe a part of a bigger site or a standalone site by itself. It has a narrow subject focus and is used to target a product or a population segment commonly known as a niche.

The advantages of using blogger to host your minisite is that there is no limit of bandwitdth and free.

If you intrested to know how to do it check this site:

Free Handwriting Font

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download it while you can :)


Do you know I know most of you dont. While im surfing, i found this site. It is a search engine. Did you notice the name? i bet you are! Google + Yahoo. What it does is, it provide search result from the two search engine in one search. Quite intresting huh? If you like to try it out you can go here : GahooYoogle.Com

Enjoy it :)

Found this intresting and wanted to share here.

You can see the demo here:

Download your own:

Here is another hack/trick im looking for. To add social bookmarks button in your blog, visit the Add-This widget building page. Select the "Bookmarking widget". Choose the style of button you prefer, and that you want the widget to appear on a Blogger blog (the code is slightly different depending on the type of website it features on).

If you want stats of bookmarks made with your button, you'll need to create an account. This isn't nescessary to create and use the buttons, so it's up to you. You'll be presented with the code to paste into your blog template.

If you're using New Blogger (using layouts), you'll need to do the following:

1.Go to Template>Edit HTML (check the "expand widget templates" option is ticked). You should make a backup of your template before modifying the HTML by clicking on the "Download full template" link at the top of the page first.

2 Find the line <div class='post-footer'> . You can paste the code right under this line if you prefer. I have chosen to include this in the final line of the post footer instead, beneath everything else, as you can see in the following section of code:

<p class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-3'><br/>
<!-- AddThis Bookmark Post Button BEGIN -->
align='left'><a expr:href='""
+ data:post.url + "&title=" + data:post.title' target='_blank'
title='Bookmark using any bookmark manager!'><img alt='AddThis
Social Bookmark Button' height='16' src=''
style='border: 0px; padding: 0px'
AddThis Bookmark Post Button END --></p>

3. Preview your blog to make sure the bookmark button appears as you want at the end of the posts. Then save your template.

For Bloggers who use Classic Templates, use this method instead:

1. Go to Template>Edit HTML. You may want to back up your template before modifying the code.
2. Find the <$BlogItemBody$> section and paste your AddThis code right after it.
3. Save your template and enjoy your new bookmarking feature.

There are other social bookmarking widgets available for Bloggers, such as TopRanking's social bookmarks button. Personally, I prefer the Add-This option as it streamlines the image required and gives readers the option to use any bookmarking service they want.

This is another thing that im looking for and did make some research which i will be using for my new adsense project. All what you have to do is to parse your code.You will have to replace < with
and so on. If you want to save your time , An online parser is available . All you have to do is to parse it there and then paste it into your blog template. Put Adsense Ads between post at blogger did not violate their TOS. The adsense team said it ok:


You are permitted to make minor edits in Blogger Beta. However, please keep in mind that in general publishers are not allowed to alter the AdSense ad code for any reason. Once you've generated the ad code in your AdSense account pages, you may not alter any portion of the code or manually change the layout of the ads.

Thanks for your understanding.

The Google AdSense Team"

Basically there are 4 ways to put your adsense ads between post

Option 1 is good for image ads .I would choose a 250 x 250 square for it.
<div style=”float:left;”>Parsed ad here</div>

Option 2 is also good for image ads .I would choose a 250 x 250 square for it.As both of them support video ads
<div style=”float:right;”>Parsed ad here</div>

Option 3 works well with banners or half banners
<center><div>Parsed ad here</div></center>

Option 4 looks well in each format. I prefer a square for it.
This time, you will have to place it where the blog post end and the post footer start
<center><div>Parsed ad here</div></center>

For more assistance, here is the code which I have used.

<div class='post-header-line-1'/>
<div class='post-body'>
<p><div>&lt;center><script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;><!--
google_ad_client = "pub-XXXXXXXXXXXX";
google_ad_width = 234;
google_ad_height = 60;
google_ad_format = "234x60_as&quot;;
google_ad_type = "text_image";
google_ad_channel = "2066577887";
google_color_border = "FFFFFF";
google_color_bg = "FFFFFF";
google_color_link = "333333";
google_color_text = "000000";
google_color_url = "6C82B5";
<script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;
<div style='clear: both;'/> <!-- clear for photos floats -->

Did you notice? i have new look ... Actually im looking for a xml template for my new adsense project and i found this cool template and decided to use it in my blog. kinda cool huh?. If you like it and would like to try others which i think cool also go here

For my new adsense project, i will announce it as soon as possible and i will list down all the steps that i will take to make adsense with only blogger and video marketing. So stay tune and hope than we can do it along.

Free Adsense Ready Site

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It huges .. 300 sites and 135k pages. All SEO optimized. If you like them you can download it here

Go and make some money with adsense ..

Ever heard of is a new system that allows webmasters to trade links in a 3-way pattern so that Google sees them as one-way, in-bound links. The system manages who links to who. It's very simple to use: just drop a PHP file on your domain and link to it from the home page. The links spread automatically.

Let me tell you about some of the results. There were a test about two weeks ago on 678 sites for various keyword and the result was termendous!.

There have been MASSIVE gains in Google rankings across the board. Here's the breakdown:

Gained 100 points => 5 sites
Gained 90 - 99 points => 14 sites
Gained 80 - 89 points => 22 sites
Gained 70 - 79 points => 32 sites
Gained 60 - 69 points => 26 sites
Gained 50 - 59 points => 30 sites
Gained 40 - 49 points => 42 sites
Gained 30 - 39 points => 64 sites
Gained 20 - 29 points => 75 sites
Gained 10 - 19 points => 107 sites
Gained 1 - 9 points => 252 sites

The number of "points" a site gained is the number of ranking points. That is, if a site ranked #50 for "green widgets" when I first ran the metrics, and when I
ran it again ranked #10 for "green widgets" -- that's a 40 point gain.

So in just TWO WEEKS, hundreds of sites have gone up in the rankings by as much as 100 points. Many of these sites weren't even in the top 100 when they went into the
network, and now they're in the top 10!

In fact, 188 sites formerly not in the top 10 have achieved a top 10 ranking since joining the 3WayLinks network, and 36 have achieved the #1 spot for the keywords!

So are you struggling to get your sites ranked for your keywords? Would you like your sites to automatically gather links and rank in the major search engines like all oft he sites outlined above? What would being in the top 10 for your keywords do for your bottom line? Very, very soon you will be able to know what having better
rankings will do for your bottom line, because will be going live in the next couple of days.

Watch updates from me about this site.

Blogger step by step

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If you struggling on using for sometimes, you should think again cause you wont hav to, nomore. Download your copy of blogger step by step included clear screenshot on how to use blogger from basic to advance. You can download it here

Bum marketing, article marketing, all the same. Today i will giving you all a complete set of evrything you need to do article marketing. Follow this link:


The results of new seven wonders of the world has been announced on 7 July 2007 (yes i know i late to tell this). More than 100 million people participated in choosing the new seven wonders of the world. Based on their vote, the result were announced during the Official Declaration ceremony in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday, July 7, 2007 - 07.07.07, which was a unique date in history and will never come again. All digits are 7.

The New seven Wonders of the World choosen by the people are:

1. India’s Taj Mahal
2. The Great Wall of China
3. Jordan’s Petra
4. Brazil’s statue of Christ Redeemer
5. Peru’s Machu Picchu
6. Mexico’s Chichen Itza pyramid and
7. The Colosseum in Rome

You can check more details here

Yes it suprise me ... technorati pick up my blog with the tag 'vblog'. I am not sure how this is happening, how technorati pick blogs to their list, but somehow they got system that crawl on all blog platform for the same keyword or tag. If that so i maybe can experiment on using technorati to pick more tag or keyword from my blog which in theoritical will increase my rank or atleast increase my traffic. Free traffic ofcourse. If it is true can you imagine how powerful that can be?. You be the judge!

Althought this topic was severally discuss before, i want it to be put in my blog for my future reference. If you like it too you can refer here as i will be always adding anything related to it.

There is a code to make your adsense ads relevent to your targeted keyword. See below for example:

Used Car

Im not sure will it be able to work on blogger itself but i found that it work prefectly at any website. I'll be testing it to make sure and report back here.

If you would like to know more, please put your browser to go here:

Refer here if you wanted to know doing the same thing with blogger.

I was wondering at DP and i found a guy giving away his ebook about making money via Youtube (He claim he did it!), but there is a catch to get the ebook .. you need to register to his new forum. I thought this was lame .. but anyway his ebook, he can do what ever he want hoho.

In my previous post i did mentioned that Vblog is hot not. For those not familiar with the term Vblog stands for video blog. If you serious in this, i would recommend you to read his post. Nothing to lose since you get it free :)

It took me like 5 min to read the ebook and what i can say that his claim might be true since i never see such strategy. I, myself will try this strategy and will inform any updates here. You can download the ebook here:

Making Money with Vidoe Blog - You Tube

Top Paying Adsense Keyword

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This is the top paying adsense keyword updated on July 2007. Test some yourself if you dont believe me ...

$45.61 austin dwi
$42.91 school loan consolidation
$42.10 college loan consolidation
$41.21 car insurance quotes
$41.13 auto insurance quotes
$40.83 school consolidation
$39.44 consolidation college
$37.08 consolidation student
$37.04 student loan consolidation rates
$37.00 sell structured settlement
$36.76 structured settlements
$36.26 conference calling
$36.14 federal student loan consolidation
$36.06 austin dwi attorney
$35.99 term life quote
$35.91 austin dwi attorney
$35.90 term life insurance quote
$35.84 auto insurance quote
$34.74 term insurance quote
$34.24 federal consolidation
$33.63 consolidate student loan
$33.55 cheap auto insurance
$32.90 structured settlement
$32.81 insurance car
$32.72 consolidate student loan
$32.57 consolidate school loans
$32.39 consolidation loan rate
$32.38 life insurance quote
$32.29 consolidation of student loans
$32.22 car insurance quote
$32.01 cheap car insurance
$31.56 life insurance quote online
$31.52 private student loan consolidation
$31.51 consolidate student loans
$31.48 refinance home
$31.43 consolidation loan
$31.12 the lasik vision institute
$30.93 lasik new york
$30.83 plus loan consolidation
$30.82 student loans consolidation
$30.70 insurance quotes
$30.44 life insurance quote
$30.37 federal loan consolidation
$30.20 mesothelioma diagnosis
$30.15 private loan consolidation
$29.68 car insurance quote online
$29.52 bad credit equity loan
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$29.06 student loan consolidation calculator
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$28.22 mesothelioma lawyers
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$27.84 www mesothelioma
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$27.20 online insurance quotes
$27.12 criminal defense lawyer
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$26.76 san diego dui
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$26.65 san diego dui
$26.57 what is mesothelioma
$26.46 consolidate loan
$26.38 lasik nyc
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$26.26 dwi texas
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$26.13 all state insurance
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$26.07 student loan consolidators
$26.04 best student loan consolidation
$26.02 medical malpractice lawyer michigan
$25.86 bad credit home loan
$25.82 loan refinance
$25.75 tax attorney
$25.67 equity mortgage loans
$25.66 education loan consolidation
$25.60 125 equity
$25.58 direct consolidation
$25.58 online insurance quote
$25.55 term life insurance
$25.50 sallie mae student loan consolidation
$25.49 lasik vision institute
$25.48 laptop data recovery

Pernah dengar pasal software The Dowser? tu keyword research nyer software ... aku tak pernah test la tapi ramai yang kata baik .. so kalu korang nak yang pro ver nyer ari ni aku akan kasi free. Install dulu version 5.30 pastu update dengan yang version 5.90 pastu replace thedowser.exe dengan yang ada kat version 5.90 tu


Video Blogger - How to's

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Yang ni aku petik dari satu website yang aku memang selama ni dah ikuti perkembangannya tapi tak pernah berkongsi dengan orang terutama kat Wang Cyber. Vblog bukan benda baru sebenarnya, sejak mulanya web 2.0 dan adanya youtube, vblog dah mula ada dan kebanyakannya digunakan utk monetization. Kalu korang nak tahu dengan lebih lanjut berkenaan monetization menggunakan vblog link follow link kat bawah.

Step #1: Monetization Strategy

Okay, for this site we are going to make our bucks from a couple of different sources. Our main income will be made from Google Adsense. If you haven’t got yourself a Google Adsense Publisher account, click the big button below and sign up. Adsense will display contextual adverts which you can neatly blend in with the design of your website, to make them non-intrusive, yet a natural click away. For this website we are aiming at generating a 25% click-through rate while staying well inside the Adsense Terms Of Service.

An important note: I’m going to give you some tips on optimizing your Adsense placement and layout later, if you want to take the optimization further, you may be pushing the limit on what Google does and doesn’t allow. The Adsense team can be merciless at times if they think you are breaking their TOS, which can be quite “grey” at times. So, stick to the guidelines and you’ll be fine, cross the line at your own risk!

So, if you haven’t already,