Ever heard of 3WayLinks.net?. 3WayLinks.net is a new system that allows webmasters to trade links in a 3-way pattern so that Google sees them as one-way, in-bound links. The system manages who links to who. It's very simple to use: just drop a PHP file on your domain and link to it from the home page. The links spread automatically.

Let me tell you about some of the results. There were a test about two weeks ago on 678 sites for various keyword and the result was termendous!.

There have been MASSIVE gains in Google rankings across the board. Here's the breakdown:

Gained 100 points => 5 sites
Gained 90 - 99 points => 14 sites
Gained 80 - 89 points => 22 sites
Gained 70 - 79 points => 32 sites
Gained 60 - 69 points => 26 sites
Gained 50 - 59 points => 30 sites
Gained 40 - 49 points => 42 sites
Gained 30 - 39 points => 64 sites
Gained 20 - 29 points => 75 sites
Gained 10 - 19 points => 107 sites
Gained 1 - 9 points => 252 sites

The number of "points" a site gained is the number of ranking points. That is, if a site ranked #50 for "green widgets" when I first ran the metrics, and when I
ran it again ranked #10 for "green widgets" -- that's a 40 point gain.

So in just TWO WEEKS, hundreds of sites have gone up in the rankings by as much as 100 points. Many of these sites weren't even in the top 100 when they went into the
network, and now they're in the top 10!

In fact, 188 sites formerly not in the top 10 have achieved a top 10 ranking since joining the 3WayLinks network, and 36 have achieved the #1 spot for the keywords!

So are you struggling to get your sites ranked for your keywords? Would you like your sites to automatically gather links and rank in the major search engines like all oft he sites outlined above? What would being in the top 10 for your keywords do for your bottom line? Very, very soon you will be able to know what having better
rankings will do for your bottom line, because 3WayLinks.net will be going live in the next couple of days.

Watch updates from me about this site.