Yang ni aku petik dari satu website yang aku memang selama ni dah ikuti perkembangannya tapi tak pernah berkongsi dengan orang terutama kat Wang Cyber. Vblog bukan benda baru sebenarnya, sejak mulanya web 2.0 dan adanya youtube, vblog dah mula ada dan kebanyakannya digunakan utk monetization. Kalu korang nak tahu dengan lebih lanjut berkenaan monetization menggunakan vblog link follow link kat bawah.

Step #1: Monetization Strategy

Okay, for this site we are going to make our bucks from a couple of different sources. Our main income will be made from Google Adsense. If you haven’t got yourself a Google Adsense Publisher account, click the big button below and sign up. Adsense will display contextual adverts which you can neatly blend in with the design of your website, to make them non-intrusive, yet a natural click away. For this website we are aiming at generating a 25% click-through rate while staying well inside the Adsense Terms Of Service.

An important note: I’m going to give you some tips on optimizing your Adsense placement and layout later, if you want to take the optimization further, you may be pushing the limit on what Google does and doesn’t allow. The Adsense team can be merciless at times if they think you are breaking their TOS, which can be quite “grey” at times. So, stick to the guidelines and you’ll be fine, cross the line at your own risk!

So, if you haven’t already,