What do you think about http://diggboss.com/?


i have tested this site and here is my review:

1. Its a dig exchange site where you will earn point of digging others story.
2. When you reach 6 points you will able to post your digg url at the site for others to dig.
3. You have an option of buying the point if you lazy to dig people's story.
4. Tested on 1 post and i get my story 5 diggs within 30 minutes and extra 20 unique visitors.

As you can see that it is a dig exchange site and might be illegal to the eye of digg.com, but it is a great site to boost your digg if you know how to use it safely.

Here one invitation for you if you like to try. Ill post more later but if you have use it pls post in the comment of the invitation number (eg. #1)
#1 http://diggboss.com/signup.php?r=1080&c=53177sporf4708eb99dd