Wonderful tacticts 600-800 visitors
Go to http://groups.google.com/ and click on the link near the bottom of the page that says ‘Browse all groups’.

You can do some serious targeting here, so just look around and visit/bookmark several that you have some sort of interest in, or some knowledge about… this does not need to be business related in the slightest way.

Now that you have a few groups bookmarked, go back to one of them and click on an article that you want to make a comment in.

Its going to tell you that you must sign-in, so just sign-in using one of your gmail accounts (if you don’t have a gmail account, you can get one at www.gmail.google.com)

Next, it will ask you for a nick name to use on your posts…That’s it! — Now you are all set to post comments!

Now, take a moment to read his post - then formulate a reasonable reply (that’s easy enough - we all have opinions and/or questions about just about everything).

Now, here are a couple of things I have discovered…

Posting my comments on some topics I tend to get more traffic when I actually use my sig at the top of my post rather than the bottom (I haven’t found any reason for this, it just does) Other posts, it work better to put it on bottom where it is generally expected to be.

I have also recently started putting “Quotes” in my comment, and then my sig right under the quote, than a few lines of my reply above as well as under the quote. (quote= you know how when you post a comment on a forum, you can “quote” who you are commenting on… this is what I am talking about)

Something like… blah blah blah about what ever their post is about, and then I say, here is a little bit of information I also found concerning this.. -this is where I put the quote- and now my sig file… and then drop down a couple of lines and finish my reply.

Next, I have tried using small snippets of ad copy and/or witty sayings, but none produce the results that a standard sig file produce (at least for me).

NOFOLLOW .. the links you get are nofollow… don’t worry about that… All it means is that you aren’t going to bleed any pagerank from the page/site you are leaving your link on… that’s no big deal because you are getting actual humans seeing your link, and you are getting spidered because of your link.

Now as a general rule of thumb I do two types of links in my comments…

-1- If I am posting in a thread that has recent activity, then I use my normal style of commenting.

-2- If I am posting in a thread that has had no activity for quite a long while, then I hardly comment at all… I just put a bunch on links (20 or less) in my internal site pages and sprinkle in some text to avoid filters, and boom - Instant spider bait designed to get google spiders into deeper points of my sites so that I of course end up getting what is known as deep indexing.

Now simply start clicking on those bookmarks and posting comments on all of those discussions you found/saved earlier.

Be Aware — Google will ban you for a while if you post to many comments to quickly… So, once they put their little temporary ban on you, just sign out, and then sign back in again using a different gmail account :-).

Keep doing this — Find more places to post comments in, and also go back and re-comment on the ones you have already commented on before if you want to. (personally, I don’t save a list of where I have commented - I just comment and leave :-).

Its super fast and easy to get a lot of comments out there, which means getting a lot of links back to your own page out there :-)

You can get a metric ton of exposure using this method, and its a stable marketing tactic that will be around for many years to come!

And a little bonus is that people tend to be somewhat fanatical in certain topics, so once you hit one of those, you will see a nice surge in hits to your site because those people don’t just ’skim’ that topic, they devour it, and when you have a link to your site, they go visit to see who you are.

Granted, if you aren’t targeting then this may not get you a lot of sales, but then, even a single sale for every 100-200 non-targeted visitors using this method is still more than you are getting from them right now!